Monday, May 02, 2005

Lynch a Dem?

Joe Hansbauer is reporting the recommendations of the Cincinnati Democratic nominating committee and they include Damon Lynch III, Jeff Berding, Eve Bolton, Cecil Thomas, Wendell Young, and Smantha Herd.

I just don't get the Damon Lynch recommendation. I mean to say that I understand the politics of it, but not the actual logic of it. He has a following and will get votes. That is Realpolitik. I just don't see how this will do anything but tear apart the city and drive many otherwise moderate or even liberal voters into the hands of the GOP. Lynch is viewed as anti-city. Anyone who leads a boycott with the sole purpose of hurting people who live and work here can't honestly be viewed any other way.

His views on race relations are championed by many and I will of course agree that race relations need a lot of work in this town, but is a man who demanded an "Afro-centric" curriculum be taught in City schools going to be one to bridge the gap?

Cecil Thomas has far more credible credentials on race issues and I think would have strengths in that regard if he was on council. The Berding controversy appears to be over.

It is good that this time around the Dems appear to have filled out all nine slots. Not doing that two years ago was one reason for losing a seat to Charter.

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  1. Joe wants to bust Damon's chops because he led a boycott which makes Joe feel uncomfortable. Joe himself admits "and I will of course agree that race relations need a lot of work in this town,".

    Well what are the blacks to do? Are they sit around and wait for whitey to get around to addressing race relations?
    Tell us Joe how much you have done in the last four years to effectively address the problem? Maybe if you were not a priveleged white, you might see some merit in the boycott.
    It was about time that blacks had someone in their midst to organize them although the effort was far from being strong enough. Being white, I feel some comfort in that they chose boycott instead of what I would have tried to organized if I were black.

    Damon Lynch is a good man and it is unfortunate that our at-large political system in this city forces candidates to align with any of the national parties to get elected. There would be less of a need to have our local elections soiled be these parties if we had all-district elections. Anyway, what is the difference between a democrat and republican on city council?


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