Sunday, May 15, 2005

On the Other Hand

Even though Jammin' On was great, an AP feature today brings the failure to improve OTR to light. I agree that efforts to start to change OTR have failed, especially the movement to bring back Vine Street, but we are 4 years removed from a riot. We have activists who still do not want to work with anyone who does not submit to their viewpoint. We have head in the sand suburbanites who just don't care that much about the poor, especial in the City. Mostly we have people doing their own thing and not thinking big picture. We have the Kroger Garage and the Art Academy of Cincinnati going forward, but Main Street has been stagnant. I see potential, I don't see action and this year being an election year we are going to here plan after plan, but are we going to see action? Not likely.

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