Monday, May 09, 2005


Who am I? Or is the question really who are you? In society today, identity is taking on a new shape. In the past you were identified by your family, your nation, your ethnicity, or your race. Maybe sometimes by your profession, but that often overlapped with one or more of the prior classification types.

Today we have Red and Blue States, Christian Businesses, Gay Friendly Bars. We put 'ribbons' on our cars to show support for something. We don't usually do much to support that something beyond showing we support it, but we want everyone to know we support it. We are on ‘that’ team. We are one of ‘us’ not ‘them’

We are a member of the VFW or Mason's, or went to college somewhere. Why do people really have to let everyone know they are a Christian by putting the fish on the back of their car? Is it advertising? Has anyone ever really 'converted' to Christianity because of a small metal figure shaped vaguely like a fish, which people who know nothing about Christianity would logically think was the symbol or Anglers Society of America?

When did it become more important to tell others who you want them to think you are, instead of trying to figure out who you really are?

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