Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bronson is an Ignorant Cuss

My praise of Peter Bronson was not going to last and his next column shows why. Peter is either an ignorant fool or a blind shill that he just can't think outside of what he hears other conservatives say.

How the hell is the filibuster issue about religion? The only ones making it about Religion are the Right Wing. They (and I mean "they") are stating that the those who oppose Bush's judges (and oppose Bush) are anti-Christian, just as Bronson is saying:
You don't have to know a filibuster from a Philly cheese-steak to know what he meant. The debate about even allowing a debate on Bush's nominees has been mangled beyond recognition by pundits and politicoids, but this much is clear: Some attacks on the nominees reek of anti-Christian bigotry.

And bigotry is like obscenity. You can lawyer it, deny it and spin it all you want - but we know it when we see it.

Senate Democrats, far-left lobbying groups and their echo chamber in the press have made "deep religious beliefs" a fatal disqualifier, like a DUI - judging under the influence of God.
So, How many non-Christians and non-Jews has Peter Bronson EVER VOTED FOR! If he can name more than say 1, he has a long way to go to show how religious bigoty is not a bigger problem for the Christians as it is for others.

Just so to educate Peter on the past: how many Clinton nominees were NOT ALLOWED to be debated on the floor of the Senate? The number is over 200. I did not hear Peter or any other Republican crying about that. They instead were happy as school kids. Why? They were happy to keep out liberal judges? Why? Well lets take a guess: maybe in part they want judges who were going to only live by "god's" word and stick to strict Conservative Socal Values®.

I think Nate is starting to rub off on Bronson with the ending of the column
The filibuster is being used to keep Christians off the courts.
Just insert blacks in place of Christians and "White Privilege" in place of filibuster and you might something Nate would say. I have to ask Peter something, does he only want Christians on the court? How many on the Federal Court, at all levels are not Christian? There are surely Jewish people. I doubt there is a single Muslim or Hindu. There certainly is not any Wiccans and no known public atheists or agnostics. I guess he only cares about getting more Christians on the court. How many non-Christians has Bush appointed to either the Bench or even to positions in the government, especially senior positions? If you want to expose religious bigotry, that would be a place to start looking for it. Stop bible-baiting Peter, you look like an cuss.

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