Friday, May 27, 2005


Maggie Downs I believe is telling it like it is to a segment of single society. As a member of that society I don't see all that much of that side directly, so I can't speak to it first hand, just by proxy. She is right. Sex, money, power, or just companionship is often either the driving force or the only thing involved in a relationship. That "L" word, or even just affection, doesn't creep in as often as most of us would like. A little emotion is a good thing. A lot of it scares us off sometimes. Fear drives us from love or what we think is love.

Following Washingtonienne was I think is a lower degree of being Washingtonienne, for which I am a poster child. I was glued to Wonkette for weeks. Titillation sells, and I was buying. We are animals, and we like it.

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