Monday, December 16, 2002

PULFER: What makes us bigots
There is not a person on earth who is not two things: ignorant and bigoted. Ignorance is rather obvious to understand, we don't know everything. Our bigotry is not so easy. Bigotry is normal. I am bigoted about many things. I am bigoted against those who are willfully ignorant for one. People, who don't want to know about politics for example, drive me nuts. Most people are culturally bigoted. They prefer to adhere to one particular culture. Most of what are called race problems are really just cultural problems. Too many people equate race to culture. Those who do in my opinion are the real racists. When a David Duke tries to define "white culture" I am disgusted, and when Kabaka Oba tries to define "black culture" I am just as disgusted. I refuse to be part of either of their cultures. I like my own culture. Can I define it? Not in the least. Is anyone excluded from it? Yes, not because of who they are, but the ways they act and beliefs they hold.

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