Monday, December 23, 2002

Bronson: Why Lott quit
Peter is playing the same game of moral equivalency that the Palestinians play.
Many Republicans in the Senate were disgusted by the double standard of media and the Democrats. Mr. Lott was barbecued while Democrats who have done much worse got a pass.
Peter and his ilk have been whining that the media did not treat Senator Byrd, who used the term "white nigger" within the last year or so, while "attacking" Lott. First, the media did not attack Lott. Columnists and pundits did. All the news outlets did was to heavily cover the issue after it was made into a story by the blogosphere and conservative pundits. Second, Byrd and Lott are not on the same scale with their comments. Byrd gets the same old man bye that Strom Thermond gets. His comments also were not as bad as Lott's. Using a racial slur in a bad context is wrong, but far from inferring that segregation should have been in place for "all these years." Also, Lott is the incoming majority leader of the Senate, while Byrd has little leadership in the Democratic Caucus. Peter is now following the lead of other conservatives and now blaming Democrats and liberals for this problem, not Trent Lott and the race baiting strategies of the GOP for the last 30+ years. He instead says:
Mr. Lott has taken a beating, but he has regained some respect by staying in the Senate, keeping Democrats from destroying his career and reducing the GOP majority.
I guess this means the real reason Trent had to be admonished a little bit was that it was bad politics to keep him majority leader, not his current and past statements/actions on race issues. Peter is more concerned with keeping the GOP majority, than cleaning out the image of bigotry in the GOP. Peter can now whine that the Democrats are really the party of segregation, but would be pulling a Clinton. He would label the party for actions, not the members who took those actions. If Peter were to ask today what party nearly all of the segregationists and their offspring are now part of, there is one party that would hold a vast majority, the GOP. The GOP of Lincoln is not in control of the GOP today. The moderate Republican is a dying breed. They are defecting to the Democrats, or joining the growing ranks of independents. Peter needs to get off the talking points of the Conservative Pundit's Union, and start taking an independent track.

UPDATE: I see Rob Bernard is a conservative dressed in Palestinian clothing as well with this post.

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