Monday, December 30, 2002

The Old South, Up North
In a surprise this column is not about Cincinnati. I am sure the boycotters are disappointed this story attacks Milwaukee, instead of Cincinnati, for not holding the hand of the black community there and telling them how to live their lives. This is the paradox vexing our society. The black community wants the white people to give them “stuff.” That is what the boycott is about, that is what this column advocates. The governments try and do that, and have tried to do that, but nothing short of large cash payments with no strings attached will satisfy the hotheaded boycotters (aka reparations). A No strings policy is not going to happen. Money will not cure the poor. All it will do is provide a temporary respite from suffering. If you want to reduce the number of poor people, education and personal effort are the only solutions. Additionally, boycotters expect instant gratification. Money will make their community prosper, is what they think. They are dreaming. It takes solid a community with a social structure that can function without handouts. Perpetual charity will only breed the need for more charity.

The problem that exists is the bottom line issue for the black community. Assimilate or fend for yourselves. Learn to fit into the general society, or make your own. On Friday Jim Clingman filled in for Jay Love on the Buzz. It was an afternoon filled with bigoted callers railing on what they claim has been done to “them”. They talked about assimilation, but failed to really talk about what it was. They just grunted out racist comments on why they would never allow themselves to fit into the mainstream culture. They sound to me like the Strom Thurmonds and Trent Lotts circa 1960 rallying against segregation.

I wonder how many reading me are going to say I have bigoted views or that I have made racist statements. I guess the boycotters who regularly read me will think that, which is too bad. It is understandable that they the see all white people who don’t agree with them as racist. That is a common human failing that has fallen on many conservative movements as well as this progressive-populist movement. Those who disagree are out to get you. It falls into “Themism” which I have talked about on my other blog. It spreads like a flu on a cruise ship, and will take down this city if everyone, and I mean everyone of every race/creed/color/religion etc, does not stand up to all instances of this kind of uncheck bigotry. Black separatists can’t go unchecked. Homophobic politicians can’t go unchecked. Theocratic fascist can’t go unchecked. No one can go unchecked. If you want to check me, the comments link is right below.

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