Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Menorah this year, Klan next?
Members of the Black Fist, which has held protests against alleged police misconduct and racism, blame the group which displays the menorah.

The "so-called Jews have opened the doors for the Klan to come in" with the menorah display, said Kabaka Oba, a Black Fist leader.
Hello Cincinnati Post???? The Black Fist is a Hate Group!!!!!! Hello???????? Is anyone listening to what I post??? Anyone????

UPDATE: I don’t know if Chris Anderson took this from me, but he is right on target with the same thing I saw with this group’s actions. His opinion on the fundamentalists from the Jewish faith also is right on target. Why they are not seen with similar motives as the CCV can best be said in tone and methods. Jews, in general, don't push their religion on others like the CCV and other Christian fundamentalists. They may have similar goals, but most Conservative Jews don't justify the means to an end like Fundamentalist Christians generally do.

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