Sunday, December 15, 2002

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide "Cincinnati UpSouth"
Kathy's condemnation of the bigotry of the Black Fist is very welcome. I wish others would see them for what they are and not either tacitly support them or use them as fodder for ratings (see 1230 the Buzz). I do find a couple of things puzzling about her column. One is the notion that Cincinnati is somehow a southern town, meaning we have southern attitudes towards certain societal elements, and in this case that being segregation. Yes, Cincinnati is segregated. Blacks and non-blacks do not live in the same neighborhoods as much as other cities. I don’t know however how much the ranking reference took into considerations the metropolitan area or just the City itself. I don’t think the metro area is any less segregated that any other metro area in the country. Attacking the City is not really far either, since the city is much more integrated than the rest of the metro area.

The second issue is with her last line of the column: “Just remember that two wrongs don't make a white.” I took offense to this. Now what does it mean? Well, there are two meanings I can see. One is that she is saying to the bigoted Black Fist: Don’t be bigots, like the whites. The other idea is that she is saying we have white bigots; we don’t need any black ones. Either one is offensive to me. It is nothing worse than she has alluded to before, but I don’t see the purpose in it. I of course could have misunderstood what she meant; after all I am just a milquetoast white boy.

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