Monday, June 10, 2002

Mike McConnell Can Whine with the Best
Todat on his WLW-AM Midday talk radio show, host Mike McConnell was whining about a newspaper Column from John Kiesewetter of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Mike was acting like a child. I sent an email while he was on the air. Here it is:


Could you whine more? Is it possible for you to actually break out into
tears over a newspaper column? Kiesewetter was right for the wrong reasons
and has attracted the real fascist police to his cause. The ads are
tasteless, but they fit your WWF world that WLW seems to live in now (my
Cincinnati blog covers that point John's
tired old "for the children" rant was tired and just vomit inducing but
your whine has missed the real story. He got tons of support from Phil
Burress of CCV!!! I advise taking the free publicity with a smile, and add
a bit more overt sarcasm to your on air bitch session.

Mt. Washington

I got no reply so far, and I did not hear one on the air, but I he has read one of my emails the next day on the air so I will wait and see.

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