Sunday, June 16, 2002

Friday's Enquirer Editorial
In the weekly Weekend Memo editorials where individual editorial board members "express their own opinions", Linda Cagnetti seems to have a new manner in which to determine science. Linda wants Science to be up to a matter of a popularity contest. Since a majority of the mail to the State Board of Education favors including the "Intelligent Design" philosophical/theological argument for a god or gods as part of the State Science curriculum, then the major should rule and include the non-science philosophy/theology in with science. Linda wants religion in schools. She will say this is not religion, I would surmise, because it is not formally part of an established institutionalized religion, but is still a religious teaching. It is not science. It is so clear not science is laughable.

ID is nothing but assumptive circular reasoning. It forces students to assume there is a god, gods or supernatural creator(s) in order for the concept to even be comprehendible. Secondly it assumes that complexity is a sign of intelligence. Complexity is a relative concept, so is order. The assumption that a derived purpose can be construed simple from the existence of an assumed complex structure is just drivel. You can't assume that just because an apple exists, that is "had" to have a purpose created by someone or something intelligent. A tornado is a complex thing in my opinion. Tornados are not created by supernatural forces. They are created by specific meteorological events and conditions. ID supports instead want you to believe that, unless you can prove otherwise, it was an act of a supernatural creator that usually is personified to fit the emotional needs of the believer.

I could go on and on about this. It makes me think that we have not come very far since the Scopes Trial. We instead have a revised religious theocracy underway here, a pan-monotheism that is trying to take root. It is a really just a tenuous coalition of denominations of Christianity with Jews and Muslims. It will not succeed in the end. The groups will just turn on each other once their common goal of pushing out the “non-Abraham” based religions and non-religious people from any level of freedom of expression in this country, but that is can of worms that I will save for another day.

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