Tuesday, June 18, 2002

TV no prime time for real families
I have to say that Lynn Elber is either just really biased against nontraditional families, or she is just not careful in what she writes. She seems to not like nontraditional families, and considers them not to be “real” I guess they are just “fake” families. This is an AP story written for the Cincinnati Enquirer, so Lynn may not have written that part, and the Enquirer's Ann Hicks, who is credited in the story, may have the bias instead. What Lynn and Ann are really guilty of are being lazy reporters. They took a partisan special interest group’s biased report, and wrote a plain story about it without any research into its motivations or agenda. I am surprised the editors at the Enquirer let this pass, it is even in the title.

Now, if you read between the lines you see it was just a poor choice of words. It had a meaning that incorrectly reflected what I perceive as the point of the article. The point being most TV families are nontraditional, while in real life most families are traditional. There you go gals, that is how “real” should have been used.

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