Saturday, January 15, 2005

1530 WCKY Website Up

The "Revolution of Talk Radio" 1530 WCKY's website is up and nearly ready to go with content from Air America.

The switch will reportedly begin at 9 AM on Monday with Springer's Show. What Jerry will cover is up in the air. On a radio insiders message board discussion hovered around whether Springer will cover local issues or stick to national issues. Well, the current bio page on the WCKY site gives one answer:
He's baacck! At home and on the air in Cincinnati! No, not Jerry Springer Trash TV host, rather Jerry the lawyer turned politician turned anchorman, father, talk show host, country music singer - New York Savvy with Midwestern warmth. Along with sidekick-Jene Galvin expect the unexpected! Social activists that will cover Local, Regional and National issues that are both entertaining and topical!
What will be interesting next is to hear the outcry and rantings from the conservative media. That is, all but Clear Channel radio stations. I can't wait to hear Bill Cunnigham's story of leaving Jerry a basket of porn on his desk as a welcome gift.


  1. We can pick it up in Lexington, KY, but it could use a relay or signal boost. It'll do for now. God bless Cincy for bringing liberal talk to our region!

  2. A freind e-mailed me about this station, and I tuned in this week. Wow, what a shock. To hear real live liberals and Democrats calling in to this show. I know very few in real life.

    This could be a great station. I'm looking forward to Steve Earles music show, if they carry it.

  3. Yea Cincinnati! I'm writing from Texas where all I hear from Talk Radio is Rush and Hannity. Yeesh! I am forced to get my liberal radio fix from the Internet. Maybe one day Texas will host a station as progressive as yours! Thanks for making my week!

  4. It is gratifying that Jerry Springer and the rest (Some Air America) are on WCKY in Cincinnati. They are providing an alternative perspective to the tsunami of carefully scripted and colluded propaganda that has robbed the minds of most Americans.

    The 2004 presidential election was not a test of ideas, issues, values etc. It was a test of the effectivity the propaganda machinery that has been assembling for over ten years with the scope being “Manufacturing Consent”. It is certain that if one looks at the broadcast lineups esp. on AM talk radio in the Cincinnati market, the programming is definitely designed to maximize the effect of instilling a consistent dogma dictated directly by the rightwing. One could even included NPR lineups in this comparison.

    In Cincinnati, it appears that this Propaganda Machinery has been highly effective. It is amazing how the general outlook of the citizens directly mirrors the dogma propagated by the Propaganda Machinery. It is as though they have been completely programmed to the exact agenda that has been pounded into their minds. (They have in fact been “Hannitized”). It is even more amazing when they defend policy that is self-disenfranchising and equally astonishing how viscerally they fear homosexuality, atheism and foreigners amongst many other things. (When Sponge Bob Sqaure Pants is the enemy, you know you have problems.) Yes the right wing Propoganda Machinery (Limbaud, Hannity, Bortz, Beck, etc.) have really found there new Jews. Against these they can instill fear, hate, and panic.

    It is not that the people of Cincinnati are weak minded. Even brilliant minds were conquered by the Nazi Propaganda Machinery which in comparison to this contemporary rightwing Propaganda Machine was only a small megaphone. If Hitler had this level of sophisticated propaganda machinery in place, probably there would not be one Jew left on the planet and the entire globe would be speaking German.

    Jerry, here’s wishing you luck in sorting thru and disclosing the garbage being pumped into the heads of the masses.


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