Tuesday, January 18, 2005

WMD Denial

Living in denial is not a great way to live:
Iraqi WMDs did, could still, exist

Regarding the letter 'Bush's Cincinnati claim proves false' (Jan. 15): A lot of people seem to be missing a significant point regarding the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There is no disputing the fact that Saddam Hussein did possess them and had used them before on the Kurds.

United Nations weapons inspectors did find that Iraq had large amounts of biological weapons and other precursor compounds for nerve gases. They also reported that Saddam willfully deceived the United Nations in regard to what they actually had.

The question isn't if he had them, it's what did he do with them? Keep in mind that some weapons of mass destruction can be so small they can be hidden in a toolbox or buried in the sand.
Steve Elmlinger, Florence
Steve, no the question is not what did he do with them, the question is either who lied to Saddam about having them or why did he lie about having more than he did. We went to war over an accounting problem. Iraq had not account for all of its weapons, which for BushCo meant that he still had them, even though 7 years of inspections, 12 years of sanctions, and another round of inspections found not evidence of anything other stockpiles. Time to admit that either Bush was lying (misleading) about WMD or he was so incompetent that he went to war with fully reviewing all relevant information. Oh, I forget though, Bush is infallible and has no responsibility for his actions.

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