Saturday, January 08, 2005


Is a there a reason for blogging? Yes, you guessed right if you look at the time of this post. It is late at night and I just got hope from a nice night out a local watering hole where myself and a great number of friends celebrated the Birthday of a common friend. It was great. It was an interaction of people out doing what we do. Drinking beer, eating food, playing pool, listening to the Violent Femmes really, really loud.

In the midst of it all I pondered why I blog, why I write, why I bother putting thought down in print. The answer: it is fucking fun! I live for this shit. Writing my ideas and thoughts and commentary on what ever the hell I want is one of the most free forms of expression known to human kind.

What is a more puzzling question to me is why people read my blog. I should not be asking this question. Does P&G ask why people buy Tide? Well, they do ask it, but they don't ask it in print on the box.

I am taking such a tact here. I am asking why. I ask why when ever I post on something, so now I am posting on myself. Think of it as the ultimate comment card from a Perkin's.

What do people like and what do you hate? Let me hear it.

Now, don't expect me to kneel down and partake in your suggestions with an open embrace. I will still do what ever the fuck I please on the blog. I do like having readers, and if your wishes coincide with mine, then I hope to give you something you will like reading, or at least like commenting about.

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