Thursday, January 06, 2005

Crime, What Do We Do About It?

Stephanie Dunlap has a great column in CityBeat about a New Year's Eve violent crime. How do we rid the city of this type of crime where young adults, mostly black men and often drug related, use violence as a means to their ends? This is not a black thing, but most of those committing this type of crime are black and we can't understand why. I don't know why. Activists don't know why and are doing little to stop it. The cops appear powerless to stop it. The justice system appears weak. The local citizens who live in the area are either having their cars shot up for fighting crime, or they are sitting on their hands.

We are letting this happen. We have no solutions, only more questions as to whom do we blame for it. We are not doing anything about it, and yes, I am not doing a damn thing either, but I have a luxury of living in low crime area, so I have little motivation to do much. I really can't do much if I wanted. People like me, most people, can't change this. The people of Over-the-Rhine, City Hall, the local media, and the Police are only ones who can find and enact a solution.

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