Monday, January 24, 2005

What Ever Happened Too: CopWatch?

Cincinnati Copwatch was touted very heavily a few years ago. They had a $13,000.00 Threshold Foundation grant. Copwatch was a group related to CONTROL(Citizens Organizing Neighborhoods To Regain Our Liberation) which is affiliated with the Nati Youth Center. The website that used to house copwatch,, is no longer functioning. I have so far found online only one showing of some of the footage in some type of production, but it only seems to be a 10 minute segment of a 1:48 “film.”

The group got other grants as well, for a total of around $16,300.00, including a small grant from the OTR community council. I am all in favor of independent media. What I want that media to do though is show their work. Where is this group's work? Their self proclaim job was the to watch the police and catch police brutality on videotape. It they have it, why has it not been shown? I can think of two reasons. One, is that the footage is not good. Getting close enough to tape something without quality equipment is difficult. The other reason is that they have little footage to show. That could be because limited time of staff watching the cops, or because few incidents happened that could be considered police brutality, or it could be that they are not bothering to do anything and have used the funds and equipment for other purposes. The main issue is that the group has fallen of the face of the Earth. I guess their commitment was lacking or they didn't find what they wanted to find.

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    check out this link its a twenty minute video of the cop watch block party that police busted up.....i think they stopped because of police arresting them to often also they have a number 5132411106


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