Saturday, January 01, 2005

CincyBlog's International Top Ten 2004

Here is my list of the top ten events/people/places/things/whatevers of 2004. The ranking is my own and uses very nonscientific methods
  1. Indian Ocean Tsunami
  2. American Presidential Election
  3. Iraq War (including Abu Ghraib)
  4. Ukraine Election Crisis
  5. Yasser Arafat's Death
  6. Madrid Bombings
  7. Russian School Seizure
  8. Sudan Genocide
  9. Florida Hurricanes
  10. Iran & North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Programs
Honorable Mention: 9/11 Report Issued, Reagan's Death, Marlon Brando's Death, Anti-Gay Laws Pass, Hati Falls into Turmoil, FCC goes Puritanical, Lance Armstrong with 6th Tour de France, and the EU Expansion.

Also the Top Ten stories of no importance that got way, way to much news coverage:
  1. Scott Peterson's Trial
  2. Martha Stewart's Trial and Jail Term
  3. Kobe Bryant's Trial
  4. NBA Brawl at Pistons-Pacer's Game
  5. Michael Jackson's Indictment
  6. The "Attack" on Christmas
  7. Anything with Paris Hilton in the Title
  8. Nick and Jessica
  9. Janet Jackson's Boob
  10. Mel Gibson

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