Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vice Mayor's Pub Crawl

Vice Mayor Alicia Reece is pushing for a restaurant/bar smoking ban in the city.
First, Reece said she will launch a stop by campaign where she will make visits to restaurants, bars, bingo halls, bowling alleys and other establishments to talk with owners and citizens about the issue.
This amounts to a city sponsored pub crawl. As someone who has been on many a pub crawl, I would offer this simple advice: pace yourself. Also, prepare to feel the wrath of the smokers. I myself am torn on this issue. I don't like smoke in restaurants at all and would not shed a tear if the ban goes in.

I do have a problem with private business being forced to remove it. Having the city ban gives cover to bar owners who would want to do it, but have no juice to enforce it. I guess I would give an out to business that allow it, but make some kind of accommodation for their employees, like great air filters, or a money settlement to find another job.

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