Friday, January 14, 2005

Post Mortem on Monzel v. Ghiz

It's official. Councilman Sam Malone, the anti-gay bigot, has appointed Chris Monzel to City Council. The man who has been appointed to council more often than he has been elected.

This should now be an opportunity for the Dems. The East Side moderates are a source that have been ignored as fickle and too willing to vote for the GOP. This episode should be exploited for all it is worth. The County GOP has for some unknown reason gone to the right to try and keep someone on council in the city. The idiots in Sharonville (Phil B. and his thugs) have cracked the party. Now is the time for the Dems to open up that crack and bring the social liberals on board.

The article indicates Ghiz may not run this year and even got a job offer from Joe Deters. She reportedly turned it down.

This is a gut check for the Hamilton County Democratic Party. If if they don't find a couple more David Peppers (not money wise, just position wise) to run for council, then they will be lucky to keep the 5 seats they have and will likely drive the East Siders into a devil's bargain with the bible thumpers in the rest of the county.

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