Thursday, January 13, 2005

GOP Chooses Anti-Gay Bigotry, (We Think)

It is nice to know who you are up against. In this city the GOP has reportedly given in to the bigots of the party and will appoint Chris Monzel to council.

What a bunch of fucking idiots.

Are these guys really this stupid? [Note: I wonder if they are were men?] Monzel lost last time, not just to Leslie Ghiz, he lost to Damon Lynch III. Unless they promised the White House to Ghiz, I would advise her to become a Charter Candidate the minute after they give it to Monzel. The only way they could insult her 2003 campaign more would be to issue a retro-active revocation of the GOP endorsement. She appears to b a loyal Republican, but can she honestly stay in a party when it is clear they did not pick her because of her support for gay-rights. Their logic is mostly likely the belief that Ghiz could win next time, but Monzel could not, unless he was on council. The logic fails because he already lost as an incumbent and he would likely loose vital East side GOP support for this debacle.

How honestly could the GOP not respect the voters? Well, that is the silliest question I could have asked. We are talking about the Hamilton County GOP.

Now more than ever I would like to know who voted on this. I would like to know more if that vote actually was for Monzel or if the bigot vote said they would raise a stink if they did not appoint their person.

Phil Burress must have a really big hard-on at this very moment. Hurting people who support gay-rights, especially in his own party, will likely now become his pet project.

[Note: official word on this has not yet come. A press conference is expected later on today.]

UPDATE: More from Wes Flinn and Nick Spencer.

UPDATE #2: WCPO reported last night that Monzel has been picked.

UPDATE #3: The Post's story brings a whole new level into this.
Although the party's selection committee favored moderate Leslie Ghiz last month in an informal straw poll, incumbent Council Member Sam Malone nixed that choice, said sources close to the process. Malone prefers conservative Monzel, who lost a reelection bid in 2003.


"It's almost certainly going to be Monzel," said one high-level party source. "That's what Sam indicated to us."

"Ultimately, it's Sam's choice," another source said. "At best, we're an advisory board, and he's not taking our advice."
So it was all Sam Malone? A personal vendetta against Ghiz? The bigot in Sam just couldn't let go.

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