Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Do you have a voice that only turtles and snails can hear? Do you have to scream to be heard over the rustle of the wind through trees? Well you may just have Fog voice, yes that's fog voice.

Ok, enough of the infomercial rip off. If you have ever talked to me in a bar, which I will say many readers actually have done, you will learn that I have a voice made for print (and yes a face for radio). I have a fairly low pitch and no volume. I have to really talk loudly in a bar, at least what I consider loudly, to be heard. I was Drinking Liberally last night and my many 'brilliant' tracts on maintaining Social Security were surely lost in the Latin music.

If you are ever talking to me a bar and can't hear me, scream at me to scream back. Then you might hear me.

In all seriousness, do not scream at me, I am joking. (This means you FunnelCake)

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