Thursday, January 20, 2005

Praise JEEEEBUS!!!

It was an act of "God" that made this propaganda happen, not political campaigners who exploited a 9/11 victim’s kid. That's not what happened here now, is it? (Yes, the last sentence should be heard in an overly sarcastic way, complete with vocal intonations).

Typical Bronson, on the day his boy ushers us into four more years of the American Dark Age, he choose to invoke his religion as the reason for Bush winning. Yes, Peter Bronson is doing nothing but carrying the Ark of the Covenant in front of his cultural war army. Fighting us pinko commie heathens with every knock he can. I mean, looking forward on how Bush could possibly unite the country in an honest manner, not in a love it or leave it cowboy tone, might be a way to further the debate, or even depolarize the county. Instead, Peter uses a puppy to gain the prayers of the suckers to heap more praise on his new Lord and Savior.

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