Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stand Up to the FOP

Where are the union busting Republicans when you need them? The Police Union is once again trying to remove all power and control over the police from the City and keep if for themselves and their odd counterparts in crime, CPD management. I don't understand a union where your bosses get more attention and are protected more than the rank in file member. The FOP will put into jeopardy the contract negotiations for a 1,000 members because they wish to choose who becomes an assistant chief and other senior CPD managers, thus protected the jobs of a handful of people. The views of the City residents are just ignored.

This is representative of the biggest problem of the CPD, its 'us and them' mentality. A large portion of the CPD, and many many of the senior officers do not live in the city, and resent or even hate the people who live in the city. This I believe is a core reason for the bad community police relationship. Race is a factor in that. Culture and class are as well. It is a parallel to the city-burbs rivalry (feud) that exists in the county and metro area that is taking shape in the form of the new GOP cabal in county government.

A battle for county wide government is in the works and part of that is the goal of the GOP to take control and subdue the city, riding on its back on the way down into destruction.

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