Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bronson's Ultimate Hacktacular

You know things are getting bad for Bronson when he crams three columns into one. What do we get? First we get some kind of Peter hates Detroit section that really makes no sense. That then has one of the most awkward segues in journalism history to a Peter Hates Cincinnati column, but then he tops himself with the No. 1 all time worst segue. He spins this all towards an attack on Jerry Springer. Now, people can hate Jerry Springer. That is understandable. Bronson's column is nothing but a hack job. It sounds like he visited a couple of websites and wrote a column, I mean does this think he just a blogger or something? Did they guy even listen to to the show?

Now, not only does he just not include anything specific, he makes what I believe is a false impression to anyone reading the coulumn:
But the old raincoat Springer is still slinging sleaze, like this "Shocking True Life Situation" on his Web site: "They haven't had sex in over a year! To complicate matters, Shavon's gay cousin Rob moved in with them, and now Rip has to confess he's been 'fooling around' with him!"

Right next to his "Springer for Ohio" Web site, his videos are reviewed by Amazon: "Breasts and brawls. Brawls and breasts. That pretty much sums up what this volume of the Jerry Springer home collection is all about."
Bronson is mixing up websites and I fear he is doing it on purpose. First he indirectly refers to, but does not list it, then he refers to "Springer for Ohio" which is not even a website. and are the URL's for Springer’s radio show. Bronson then adds in a video review. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

If Bronson is gong to hit Jerry for his slime TV show, then fine, do it. Quote a show. Don't try and link his show to his Radio show when there is no connection other than Jerry himself. If you hate Jerry, then don't listen, but to say that Springer's TV show makes him unfit to have a political opinion then that should mean that Bronson will directly slam Bill Cunningham who even as a conservative wishes with all of his heart that he could have a TV show like Springer's. Cunningham's radio show has been as close to a Springer show as any on radio locally, outside of Howard Stern. How many strippers or sexologists were on his show? All be it his night show, when it was on.

Bronson should just pick a target. If he hates intercity culture in Detroit, then attack it. If he hates Cincinnati, then attack it, as he often does while living out in the burbs. If you hate Springer's radio show, why not listen to it, write down some objectionable quotes, and then complain about it? Instead we get nothing but hookers and 'homo's' from Bronson. Hell, if you are going to hold a man down for his past, then I guess Bush's past should mean something, and Arnold's past and present as a perpetuator of violent movies should matter. They don't matter, at least not to Peter, but sex does matter.

All of this from Bronson, a guy who thinks a sky fairy played in the dirt 6,000 years ago and 'created' human beings, how can we take his views on Condie Rice, Iraq, science, Social Security, police actions, culture, art, music, movies, television, taxes, foreign policy, urban development, economics, media, or the price of tea in China seriously?

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