Friday, January 07, 2005

Generational Generalizations

As a card carrying member of Generation X I often wonder what is instore for me in relation to the other major generational groups: The boomers and Generation Y. Each of those group is vastly larger than us Xers, which causes me to consider that my generation will be lost in the game of influence as we enter into the 'prime' of our lives.

When I think about the generation differences, I define each group into crude yet descriptive terms:

Boomer Generation: The Fuck You generation - They are collective and very confrontational. The are greedy and altruistic, and yes they contradict themselves.

Generation X: The Fuck Off generation - We are skeptical and lack trust in anyone or anything. We are non-conformists, yet really just want to fit in, but are forced to fend for ourselves.

Generation Y: The Fuck Me generation - They are conformists, modernistic sheep that long to follow and get along, reacting to the older generations with quick remedies and easy answers.

Is this all bullshit, yea, as most generalities about generations are, but there are tones and commonalities which are true with the various generations on a macro-level. We certainly don't all fit into each mold. On a wide scale these are commonalities that are more true then we would like to admit.

What specific issues will cause significant generational conflict? Gay Marriage seems like one happening now. What else?

UPDATE: Via comments the idea for what we would call Generation Z: Oh, Fuck Generation.


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