Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is it Ghiz?

The Whistleblower thinks maybe yes, if Mike Barret's votes counts, via the Blue Chip Review.

Korte is reporting that county GOP will meet today at posh 4th Street club in secret. Greg takes a shot at the smoke filled room scene:
Whenever Cincinnati Democrats meet to decide whom to endorse for City Council or the school board, they do it in an open meeting - usually at the Letter Carrier's Hall in Northside. Though anyone can watch, only precinct executives in the city get a vote.

When Republicans do it, it's behind closed doors at the coat-and-tie Queen City Club on - where else? - East Fourth Street. The county party - dominated by suburbanites - controls the process.

And so, today at 4:30 p.m., 30 to 40 members of the GOP nominating committee will meet secretly to determine who will get the City Council seat vacated upon Pat DeWine's swearing in as a Hamilton County commissioner last week.
The party of the people! Well, the rich people.

I think the only thing missing from the meeting today would 40 cones of silence to help dull the sounds of apathy coming from their suburbanite minds. Will Greg have a list of who attends? It would be good to know how many are actual city residents.

Councilman Sam Malone has the final call. Would he dare buck the local party if they want Ghiz? Does Pete Witte have a shot as a compromise candidate still? Will Malone announce his choice today or wait? Can I ask any more questions?

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