Sunday, January 30, 2005

Image Boost?

As a company P&G has many, many problems, but they are a plus for Cincinnati in both attracting new people to the city as well as their sizable charitable giving to various groups including a strong commitment to education and the arts. Will their mergers with Gillette boost the image of Cincinnati across the country? In the short run I think it is simply good press, so the answer is yes. Cincinnati as a Midwestern corporate HQ center is something that has been slipping as of late with the sales of Star and Provident, and this adds a boon to the Perception of Business leaders that Cincinnati is still a white collar Mecca.

The real benefit only comes with jobs jobs jobs. P&G states that the combined company will loose 6,000 jobs, but most of that will be overseas. On the surface this sounds like a plus for Cincinnati, but a loss for Boston. Over time this insures jobs here in Cincinnati and it could expand them.

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