Sunday, January 30, 2005

Irrational Delusionists

Today is the day for the war supporters to wave their flags over their eyes, sing Amazing Grace, and blow their back slapping wad on the Elections in Iraq. It does not matter to them how we got here (no WMD) and it clearly matters not, or at least does not matter today what will happen tomorrow (civil war). Today Dear Leader was able to take a bow, and anyone who dares says "big fucking deal" is with the terrorists. How many free societies have curfews the day of elections? How many have bombers kill 25 people and would at least 71 on the day of elections?

People who feel good about today are so completely delusional about the situation in Iraq. To them it is all about Bush's policies and their support for it. This is not about them. This is not about Bush's image. This is about the people of Iraq and they are not in good shape. We, at this point, know not how many votes were cast. We don't even have any election monitors to show no fraud. We don't know who will be appointed the leaders of the country. We have so many open questions about what will happen next, playing PR cheerleaders does nothing but provide political cover for Bush on the eve of his State of the Union address. We now will not only see a pull back of the rhetoric by the Bush administration, but a pull back of the press. Iraq will become just like Afghanistan, a faceless back story where little has changed since the last dictatorial government fell.

So I guess now I am a terrorist for not waving a flag for Dear Leader.Sorry about that. Sorry for not accepting the propaganda. Sorry for not conforming to the dogma. Sorry for wanting real democracy in Iraq. Sorry for wanting people to face the reality of state of Iraq and not the PR drivel coming from Dear Leader’s minions. I am not sorry for anything I have written. If you don’t like it, then tough. If you feel the need to tell me to ‘love it or leave it,’ I think you have shown why I had to write what I did and why I can’t stand still and let PR pass as truth.

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