Monday, May 05, 2003

Sensationalist of the Day: Jay Love of the Buzz

On the second annual Cinco de Mayo Min-riot: Jay is playing "gotcha." He has the "goods" to show something. What he is trying to show was unclear. He is trying to show that the police are evil demons who let whites riot, while acting against blacks. That analysis is horribly flawed if that is his intention. He is trying to compare last year's black family reunion to this riot and he thinks the police or the news media have double standards. Well they have double standards, but not the one Jay is trying to paint. If anything, the police reacted far to restrained with last years Black Family Reunion, but they did act with strong enough force for the Cinco de Mayo Riot.

The only problem with the police action was they were slow to respond to this most recent incident. The cause for their delay is unknown, but Jay is trying to infer it was based on race. Jay is trying to infer that because he is trying to stir up conflict to attract listeners. Conflict is the lifeblood of talk radio, so his actions are expected.

A second level to the invalid analysis of Jay Love is in lack of excuse making on the parents of the rioters. When high school and younger kids ran rampant downtown the media showed light on the lack of parent supervision at a family event the media called out the parents of the kids. Many in the black community defended the kids, as was done after the 2001 riots. No one defended the Cinco de Mayo rioters. They were not supported nor were their actions called a "rebellion." They were just called thugs and everyone moved on. Jay wants them raked over hot coals by the media, which he is doing a bit himself, but he is more outraged that the media has not jumped all over this. The difference between the two situations is simple: the college students are adults. Their parents are not supposed to be in control of them, as the kids at the Black Family Reunion should have controlled.

Jay is grasping at straws. He has to play the race card to get his audience into a frenzy. Jay is being a typical hate radio host, like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage.

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