Saturday, May 17, 2003

Rival boycott groups in court
On today's episode of As the Boycott Turns Juleana Frierson quips, "They're crazy and -- they're acting more like a gang." The judge agreed and issued restraining orders against Boycott B members: Nate Livingston, Steve McDaniels, William Kirkland, Kabaka Oba, Monica Williams, Shannan Clark and Amanda Mayes. Which by all known accounts, makes up nearly 75% of their membership. The straw that broke the camel's back was Frierson's contention:
She accused them of surrounding her car at a boycott event sponsored by her group last Saturday and then rocking the car, pounding its windows, hood and trunk and cursing at and harassing her.
Will the Boycott B group dissolve? Will the Boycott A group cower in fear of the militant tactics of the Boycott B group? Will Nate and Juleana settle their differences by taking a private moonlight cruise on the Ohio? Will Kabaka find the “White Man” pulling all the strings that “made” his son break the law? Will Amanda Mayes bash the Jews again? Will Damon Lynch III actually move to the neighborhood he seeks to champion, or at least live in the City of Cincinnati? To find out, turn in to our next episode of As the Boycott Turns.

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