Thursday, May 22, 2003

CityBeat: The Social Justice Crisis in Cincinnati
There is no "social justice crisis" here in Cincinnati. There are problems for poor people. Wherever there are poor people, there are problems, that is a fact in a capitalistic society that will never cease unless material wealth is cheap and simple to provide to all. Dan La Botz is making a political move. He is nothing new; call it socialism or him a transnational progressive. His goals are not for social justice; instead it is for political power. He praises the CBUF, while trying to paper over the anti-gay bigotry that runs rampant in that organization and in the black activist community. Opportunistic coalitions of convenience. Both the fringe progressives and the black separatists/nationalists want to take down the corporate economic system. The problem is that allies today, will be enemies later. Once one gets power, they will dump their partner, for power is the goal, not justice.

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