Tuesday, May 20, 2003

An "Unindicted" Folk Hero
Chris Anderson comments on what some are calling the Northside Vigilante. Prosecutor Mike Allen was on 1230 the Buzz today, giving a typically bland performance. Mike has big balls. He dismissed the obvious fact that Mr. McKinney clearly was carrying a gun in a liquor establishment, a crime. He weakly tried to rationalize the grand jury's decision based upon being presented all of the affirmative defenses Mr. McKinney could employ. Couple this erroneous claim with the contention on the Buzz that only one gun was found at the scene. Mike could have easily refuted that claim, but instead of claiming he could not answer that under law, he said that he really did not know the facts of the case well enough to answer. This case smells bad. The case was a slam-dunk light sentence, but it still should have gone to trial. This does nothing but provide fodder to the criticism of the Justice System. If this man was not a Citizens on Patrol Program member he would have been indicted, and Mike Allen’s office would have gotten it done. The old cliché is more often than not true; the DA can get a ham sandwich indicted. In this case he could not get a soon to be NRA poster boy indicted. Guns for all, justice for the gun owner, and screw the rest.

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