Thursday, May 29, 2003

Tax-cut cash is on the way (not for me)
The Enquirer provides the GOP talking points on the Tax-Cut, but fails to include the fine print. For starters, I do not get a tax cut. As I have been screaming about for months now, I get nothing. I am in the 15% bracket based on my AGI. I have no children, and I am not married. All of my investments are in my 401(k). Add that all up, and you get the hard facts. My tax rates are not being lowered, and I do not get any increased tax credits. Not a penny. Let no one fool you into thinking that everyone is benefiting from this plan. Single people are not, unless they make some serious bread. This tax cut is far more tilted towards the higher income brackets than the 2001 tax was, by far. Add that to the fact that some of the child care credits originally set for lower income families was taken out of the final plan.

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