Monday, May 12, 2003

BRONSON: Pure Country
If you have never been able to see why conservatives tend to have little understanding of art or music, please let this column be your eye opener. When Bronson says:
I should have known you can't find the meaning of life in rock 'n' roll. For that, you need Country. It's America's music.
you have to wonder if he has ever listened to a little thing called JAZZ! Jazz is America's music. Country music is pure crap. It has few artists that produce anything beyond a shallow cookie cutter song with a twang and a tear. It has the depth of fly paper, and the value of dirt. Now, there are a few "Country stars" that have produced a few good songs over the years, but modern country, like the example of George Strait, is drivel. Peter seems to be ignorant of the music he praises. He needs to listen to blue grass, or Western music, or older country. Old Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline are good. The bland Randy Travis is as fake as anything Hollywood produces. Peter is just searching for a way to praise his new "god" Dubya. The Cowboy he wishes to praise is a myth. I am glad however that Peter did not reference Donny & Marie Osmond.

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