Thursday, May 01, 2003

The Bush Speech
More of the same propaganda. How much money did this photo-op cost? The penny pinchers bitched left and right about Clinton's trips, and Bush stages a free campaign commercial and is praised by the jingotastic media. The "Mission is Complete" but we are not done? I don't grasp the concept. We won the battle but the war goes on is the cliché that comes to mind, but our mission is complete. That just does not wash with me. This is not WWII. We had the Afghanistan speech last year, now we have another, but we were not really done. WMD are nowhere to be found, but we are going to find them.....ya. Saddam is on the loose. Osama is underground, and they are moot, but when we find their bones in October 2004 how loud with the monkey press shout for joy? We know the Fox Whores will be in such a complete stupor Geraldo will actually be made a human sacrifice live on air. The blood lust needs a sacrifice to quell its thirst, and Combs has been screwed by Hannity so many times, he is not virgin enough to satisfy Lord Ailes.

I am sure the conservatives out there will be scream at me for daring to dissent. I guess I don’t have a taste for trite horseshit. I can only swallow so much, and the stinker Bush dropped on the U. S. S. Abe Lincoln was foul enough to sink the Bismarck. Don’t get me wrong, however, the cretins will eat it up like the good little lemmings they are. It was “bold” and “powerful” no doubt in the minds of the chattering class. Bottom line, it was a elementary school pageant with big ass props. Nothing profound, just vetted buzz phrases placed to make little sound bytes that Betty and Joe will eat like candy while watching the morning media monkeys dance. Give me conformity or give me death! (Cough, Cough)

UPDATE: It appears Matt Yglesias agrees with me, on a much more muted level of course.

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