Sunday, May 04, 2003

Cinco de Mayo Mini-Riot 2.0
It appears that a drunken mass of UC students could not help themselves and lost control. Why do people act like this? Why do allegedly semi-educated people feel the need, drunk or not, to act like common criminals? The police also appeared to be slow to respond to this riot. According WLWT, police did not move in on the crowd until nearly an hour had passed after at least 2 cars were overturned. Last year the moved in hard on the crowd, this year they let it linger. Was this somehow tactical? Was their plan to let the frenzied crowd vent a bit, and then move in on a softer target? I hope that is the case. Running commentary from amateur video of the riot shows a police helicopter overhead, but the camera operator asked where the police are. I predict police will be attacked for letting what boycotters will likely call a "white riot" to go on unchecked. The reasons for it will be painted in simpleton racial terms, but what else can one expect from the one-track mind boycotters.

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