Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Captain Nate vs. Moby Farrakhan?
For some bizarre reason Nate Livingston is pushing for an investigation into a member of the Nation of Islam because he claims that person "did not report her earnings or pay her taxed to the city of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, the State of Ohio, or the United States government." Ms. Ava Muhammad reportedly broke the boycott and gave a speech at an event here in Cincinnati. Nate has written letters to various public officials of each entity mentioned above. Nate needs to check up on a few things. Regarding Cincinnati Law, when I read § 311-15 Exception to the Tax it starts off with one line “The tax provided for herein shall not be levied upon the following:” and then paragraph (h)
on the compensation of an individual if all of the following apply: (1) the individual does not reside in the city of Cincinnati; (2) the compensation is paid for personal services performed by the individual in the city of Cincinnati on twelve or fewer days in the calendar year; (3) in the case of an individual who is an employee, the principal place of business of the individual's employer is located outside of the city of Cincinnati and the individual pays tax on the compensation described in subsection (2) of this section to the city, if any, in which the employer's principal place of business is located, and no portion of that tax is refunded to the individual.
seems to indicate that Ms. Muhammad does not have to pay Cincinnati income tax, unless she earns income here for 11 or more additional days this year.

The main issue that Nate seems to miss, is that this is income is for 2003. The group who paid Ms. Muhammad does not have to immediately report that income to any government this soon, because she is not their employee. They may very have to report it, but not this quickly, and it is not Ms. Muhammad’s responsibility to report it until she files her tax returns for 2003 next April, which is why I assume Nate is going after Victoria Straughn.

Also, for the record, you don’t have to report income to Hamilton County. They don’t lay taxes on income.

Nate is oddly attacking groups that other members of his crowd would logically support. What is comical is that Nate is calling the CCFJ (Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Justice) a “gang.” He claims groups like the Nation of Islam and CCFJ “have threatened to commit vicious and violent acts against anyone who opposes them.” There are members of Nate’s boycott B “gang”, including Nate himself, that one might argue the same could be true. That is either ironic, or hypocritical or both.

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