Thursday, May 08, 2003

FOX News, among others, has begun the drumbeat for Bush's re-election [sic]. I expect to hear the words inevitable, certain, and anticipated out of pundits' mouths regularly for the next 18 months. The more they say it, I guess the more they think everyone will accept it. The opinion makers could not be more negative on the Democrat's chances. If is as if they want Bush to win. Impossible you say? The so-called "liberal" media could never support Bush? Well, a dirty little secret out in the media world is that conservatives have a large advantage in numbers with editorials pages, columnists, commentators, and pundits. These opinion makers are by definition biased, and they are already letting it show. The presumption has set in, the Democrats can't do anything to win. Bush can't be beat, so they say. I hope people remember what they hear, over and over again this political season. I hope the myth of a "liberal" media bias dies along with political discourse.

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