Sunday, June 27, 2004

Main Street Disturbance reported the following:
Over 20 police cars were called in to quell a disturbance last night in the Main Street Entertainment District. The trouble began when a nightclub was pressured not to open for an after-hours hip hop event, which left upset patrons with nothing to do but hang out around 12th and Main Street. The crowd eventually became unruly and police had to break it up.
No sources or the name of which nightclub did not hold the after-hours event were indicated. I will assume this story is based on limited information and that CincyNation is holding back the name of the establishment or those who "pressured" it to not hold the after-hours event, because of libel.

I have to wonder though, how can a bar stay open for an after-hours event and expect to keep its liquor license? Were there any arrests? Was there any damage to the club or surrounding areas? Were there any other witnesses to the incident? I will surmise that it took place on or around 2 AM. I hope to read about this in the papers tomorrow, but I will not hold my breath.

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