Friday, June 25, 2004

Idiot at Forbes

Ignorant is as ignorant does. When Dan Lienert came to Cincinnati I guess he assumed that in a few hours he could figure out everything about Cincinnati. What a lazy putz. I will never admit to being a super outgoing person, but If you are trying to find the hot and trendy places to go, you might try and do some fucking research before you get into town. Maybe you ask for some help. Maybe that is how people in other cities find out where to go, hmmm ya think? If this guy really thinks that based on one day of going around on his own he saw everything, then he is not only lazy, but stupid.

Also, what kind of moron goes to the Art Museum at 3:30 PM on a Friday and expect to see 20 and 30 somethings? WE ARE WORKING!!!!! Does he think we all have time to just take off and show him around the city on a week day? It is obvious this fool takes the perception that the Peter Bronson's and CincyNations of the city want you to have; that life here is for married white people living in the burbs. Guess what folks, they are wrong. Everything we need to have a great urban center is there. The problem is that too many in the media buy into the hype because they are too lazy to do their jobs and just repeat what the Bronson's say or what the coffee cooler talk at Channel 9 is today.

UPDATE: Nick Spencer and the Apostate have more.

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