Friday, June 18, 2004

Crock of Beans

Bush is coming again to Cincinnati. It is just odd how both candidates just follow each other around.

Bush's reported topic will be hismarriage plan. Now, not his anti-gay stances, all though this is a "great" place to push that, he instead is trying to push a social agenda through the law. I thought that the GOP was against that? Oh, right, they are only against it when they are not either reaping the benefits of the cash flow, or their religious dogma is not the social agenda being pushed. He is seeking to push marriage, or should I say encourage, on poor people. If you have to be poor, what better way then to have more mouths to feed and more people to argue with about money.

I was most amused by the comments in the article from a Bush spokesperson:
'The president is going to be talking about his compassion agenda, highlighting his goals to create a more compassionate society,' White House spokesman Jim Morrell said. 'He will be touching on his Healthy Marriage Initiative as well as focusing on ways of building a culture of personal responsibility.'
Now, how is a president supposed to be taken seriously on creating a compassionate society when he rejects support for Stem Cell research on the heals of a call from the Reagans to increase government funding of Stem Cell research in hopes of curing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? How can this president seek a society that builds personal responsibility when he can't take personal responsibility for misleading the American public on why we went to war in Iraq? He blames the CIA or some other nameless intelligence agency. He shows he compassion by leading a war that killed thousands of Iraqi civilians and over 800 Americans. That is a great model for American kids. I mean Clinton played semantics with lying about blowjobs and Bush is playing word games with what constitutes "links" with al Qaeda.

More on Bush's visit from the Post and WCPO.

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