Monday, June 28, 2004

Paging Mr. Allen

I hope Mike Allen saw the news that Fahrenheit 9/11 did well here locally, despite being limited on the number of theater's showing it. He thought it would not do so well, when quoted in the paper last week.

I was disappointed in this article, however. This part has the strong odor of bias:
Some moviegoers who agreed with the message had a problem with the film's delivery.

"I know what Moore's about, so it wasn't surprising that it was pretty manipulative," said Adnan Mir, 25, whose family drove from Akron to see it with him. "It's more sensationalist fodder for arguments against the war."
Some? I would bet this was the only guy who had such a point, and if the reporter had more, he should have listed them or at least chose them more wisely. He had to get the quote with "Manipulative" in there, didn't he? WHY? I did not find it manipulative and any criticism I have for the film would be the deliver in artistic terms, not political terms. It felt like two movies and the transition had issues, but that was not an element of "manipulation," but likely more of what views could have seen as problems with the delivery.

I wonder who edited this story. I wonder who is getting their vote.

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