Sunday, June 27, 2004

A Religious Based Business?

A story on a coffeehouse started by religious people and its billed as a "Christian Cafe?" The reality and the journalism seem to me to be amiss or if not, then I am quite put off. If a couple has a business and their clients are built around their church and/or friends who share their religious beliefs, then I have no problem. If their business is billing itself and infusing religious dogma into the operation of a coffeehouse, then I for one will not be going there.

Why would I stay away? Well, when you base a business on difference, then I want no part of it. By differences I don't mean niches that cater to a particular market, like a Christian Book Store. There they sell Christian Books. That is fine. That is no different than having a market niche for Children’s books or Comic Books, or Rare Books. If a dry cleaner tried to say they were a Christian Dry Cleaner, then I would find that offensive, especially if I was a Christian.

In the case of this couple's coffeehouse, I do not feel they are trying to bill themselves as owning a "Christian Cafe." The article does not support that directly, as the title implies. There are a few comments that seemed odd and out of place like:
Poet Charlette Perry stopped in at Reality four years ago to get a doughnut and coffee. She's been coming back ever since to do poetry readings on open mike night and to enjoy the wholesome atmosphere.
Wholesome atmosphere? Is Starbucks really corrupting the morals of children when they play Jazz? This along with the title seem to be a shaping of the story that does not fit with the reality of the situation. I don’t think this a business that is trying to attract Christians just because they claim to be Christians. If I am wrong, please let me know.

The other odd part about this story was that it was in the business section of the paper. What is odd is that the cafe was created and is maintained in part much like a collective organization, where patrons give to it to keep it going. That smells of communism and any "good Christian" of the "appropriate" sects knows that communism, as an economic structure, is just plain "evil."

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