Monday, June 07, 2004

Washingtonienne Story Continues

Much to the chagrin of Mike DeWine, Enquirer columnist Carl Weiser updates Ohio on the story of Jessica Culter, the former DeWine staffer who ran a "racy Web log."

I too felt the surge of attention on this story. My traffic rose considerably from those searching Google for a picture of Ms. Culter. I did not have one on my site, but I did mention stories that included her picture. She was very attractive by the way, which makes this story all the more titillating. It still did not really get the level of press that Carl insinuates. Sure it was around the world, and he of course was reporting on it, but if you did not know what a blog was before the story broke, you likely did not follow what it was about, even though it was linked to the office of a US Senator. CNN, FOX, and MSNBC barely touched it, if at all. TV coverage pushes the level of overall media coverage. The Internet and even Print can't push the story on TV unless TV wants it, and for some unknown reason, TV does not seem to want to run with this one. I guess the liberal CNN could not help running this 24/7. If this was a staffer of a Democrat Senator, you know it would have been on FOX and talk radio until that Senator resigned.

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