Monday, June 14, 2004

Self Fisking

A trend I have seen in the Blogosphere is one called 'Self Fisking', where you attack and destroy your own points without anyone else having to do so. Well, Otto Perry did just that in his column: Don't belittle our nation's efforts: He wrote:
3) Like Professor Leising most citizens do not favor wars, but after 9-11 the decision was made to confront terrorists on their soil before they get to ours.
Most people in Iraq are not terrorists, but the war has drawn terrorists into Iraq from all over the Middle East. It is a preference that they be faced there rather than in our neighborhoods.
Now, Mr. Otto, if we were supposed to be fighting "terrorists" on their own soil in Iraq, then why did we attack Iraq to bring terrorists there? If Iraq had al Qaeda terrorists there before the war, then why did we not say so with the proof? Why would we have to kill thousands of Iraqis to attract a few dozen terrorists to Iraq? How is this rational? How is this logical? How is this actually making it into the Enquirer?

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