Thursday, June 03, 2004

Politizing Religion

The liberals and Democrats have been accused of opposing religion on a political as well as personal basis, making religion and Bush's religion a political issue. In reality the GOP is doing the same thing and does it far more egregiously. Locally we have Catholics making an issue of religion or religious issues, with their opinions, and the opinions of the religious leaders.

Bush's campaign has gone a step beyond. They are seeking to have churches allow or support direct campaigning in the church. This is in my opinion going to make a slew of churches loose their tax exempt status, unless of course Bush wins and has the IRS ignore the political action by non-profit organizations.

If people want to play the game of using religion as means to gain power, then they cheapen it beyond its naturally simplistic state. It is so sorry that Bush feels the need to tap into the fears of people and their religion and use their religious conventions, however so subtly, to turn the vote one way. Vote for Bush or go to Hell is not what they are saying. They are saying vote for the guy who shares your religion and who will push your religion on others. That is what we are getting. Not every religious person wants this and most would not be swayed by it anyway, but there are many idiots who vote based on either one issue, like abortion, or on religion. So when I rail against people's use of religion as a means to gain power, a faux theocracy if you will, I hope people see that I am not just blowing smoke up my ass. Well, at least not on that issue.

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