Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bronson: Propaganda Piece #44559

Peter Bronson has put forth the GOP myth that Iraq is comparable to WWII. Sorry Peter, Baghdad and Berlin may both begin with the letter "B," but they are not similar, and neither are the two wars or occupations.

The rhetoric sounds the same to Peter because that is what BushCo is trying to do, make people think this is like WWII, and using language and tapping into the conservative blood lust, it works on some.

Yesterday, with the transfer of faux sovereignty, Iraq took a closer step to a Vietnam model, where the US propped up a government hanging on to power by their fingernails.

Now, before the right-wingers complain, yes, I am comparing Iraq to Vietnam, just like Bronson did to WWII. The problem here is folks that in my opinion, my comparison has 100 times more parallels than Bronson's. You may disagree, but don't try to say I am a hypocrite. Bronson can compare Iraq to the War of 1812 if he wants, that does not mean I will not call it incorrect and question his motives for it, which I feel are based on its value in manipulating support for Bush instead of the sound logic of the facts.

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