Monday, June 28, 2004

Waiter, Check Please

Now, you can rest easy folks. BushCo is all but ready to pay the bill, but with one big ass coupon Congress foolishly gave them. As fast as possible Bush will beat his feet towards the door, hoping not to have to leave a tip.

The game of lying begins again. The name of this game will be pin the sovereignty on the donkey. Sovereignty in Iraq is a long way from a reality. What happened today in Iraq was a Geopolitical dog and pony show meant to provide rhetorical fodder for Bush, but no real change on the ground.

What will be telling is how BushCo reacts to the coming violence. Well they say much about bombings against Iraqis? Will US troops just hang out in their green zones while a civil war brews out in the streets? I fear a disengagement on the part of the US military and government on Iraq in the coming months. Bush will push the economy and do his best to have no news out of Iraq. Starting now the ugliness of politics will begin a journey to reach a new zenith. My comments section is not immune either. I hope everyone can take deep breath before letting the blather slip out over the gums.

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